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At Dream Flooring we know that each of our valued customers have different tastes and visions for their carpets. We are committed to delivering a comprehensive carpet experience to home owners throughout Sydney. Our passionate and knowledgeable team can show you how carpets can make a living and working space stand out. We have a very large range carpet options to suit all types of houses, units and commercial spaces.

We are a 100% independent, family run carpet business out of Penrith, servicing customers Sydney Wide.

We offer quality at competitive carpet prices vs. the big carpet chains!

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Your Carpet Options

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At Dream Flooring Penrith we’ve helped hundreds of clients with their carpet choices & installation. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to consider when it comes to choosing the best carpet colours for your Penrith home. Otherwise we can help you with all of the work simply visit our Penrith carpet store or book an measure & quote!

At Dream Flooring Penrith we’re committed to finding you the right carpet for you. Nine times out of ten, our Penrith carpet team starts with style then colour. The style you chose for will depend on the main use of the carpet, the overall look and feel you are after & also budget. Once that’s decided its onto colour!

Colour is one of the first things that most people consider as it will set the tone for the room the carpet will be installed in. Carpet can make rooms feel very different. If you want a warmer, cooler, cosier or more spacious feel for the room, the carpet that you choose can help to create it.

Consider how you will use the space and your carpet decision usually is made a lot easier. Is it a place for entertaining or family time? Is it a place for relaxation or do you want to create excitement? Do you have children or pets? Do you want your carpet to be a focal point or to blend into the background? Or is the carpet for a rental property or commercial space and you just want something efficient & long lasting?

Carpet colour can look very different from room to room, with different lighting throughout the entire day. When visiting our Penrith carpet store we take you through all the initial best options. You can borrow a carpet sample from us and test it in various rooms in natural and artificial to see how that carpet colour will appear in your home. Or someone from the Floorings, Shutters & Blinds Penrith team can arrange a time to visit you with the initial options discussed in-store.

Neutral Carpets

Carpets are affected by trends in colour, fibre and texture resulting in a huge range of options. If you feel overwhelmed by carpet colour choices, neutral tones are a safe option. We have a large range of neutral colour carpets in our Penrith store.

Beiges, Creams and Charcoal Carpets

Neutrals are a popular choice as they go well with any other colour scheme.

Light coloured neutral tones can make a small room appear larger and create a quieter, restful feeling. Neutral carpet colour doesn’t need to be bland, you can add difference with texture and patterns. We have a large range of beige, creme and charcoal carpets in our Penrith store.

Bright and Bold Carpets

In the past, trends have leaned towards bringing colour into your home with paint colour or wallpaper. New trends in carpet now give you the chance to play with colour and let the floor set the tone for the room.

Make a more dramatic statement with carpet colours such as darker browns, greys and reds, even purples, oranges and greens. Bright colours are stimulating, can lift a floor and are more forgiving in high traffic areas. Feeling cautious about bright and bold carpet colour? Try it in small areas, stairs and hallways. A small splash of vivid colour can have a big impact. We have a large range of bright and bold carpets in our Penrith store.

Mood & Carpet Choice

Choose a carpet colour that works with your home’s decor and your lifestyle.

Calming colours such as blues, greens and neutrals suit quiet rooms such as bedrooms and studies. Bright coloured carpets suit more lively areas of the home and contemporary decors such as family rooms, playrooms and children’s rooms.

Practical Carpets

Darker, multi-coloured and patterned carpets are especially effective at hiding soiling compared to solid shade, lighter carpets. Darker colours are popular with families with children or pets for that reason. But remember they may need more vacuuming as lighter coloured fluff can be visible against a dark background. With today’s advanced technology and stain resistance easy-to-clean lighter colours are very popular as well. We have a large range of durable, practical carpets in our Penrith store.

Dark or Light Carpets

The colour of your carpet can affect the appearance and size of a room. Use this to your advantage to create openness or cosiness depending on the room’s function.

Use dark, deep and warm carpet colours to create a smaller, more intimate room. This is perfect for warming large living areas. Dark colours can dominate so choose light-coloured accents in furniture, paint colour and artwork to add balance to the room.

Light, cool and pale colours on the floor recede to open a room up and make it appear larger. These colours can help brighten a room with limited natural light such as a closet or dark hallway. Lighter carpets form a neutral background that won’t compete with furnishings. Dark carpet colours are a popular choice for families with children and pets as they hide soil. As light coloured carpets show soil more readily, consider a stain resistant easy-to-clean carpet. We have a range of dark & light carpets in our Penrith store.

Fibre and Colour Carpets

Nylons have an array of bold colours as well as neutrals. Wool carpets come in more natural tones. Solution dyed nylon (SDN) carpets come in a subdued colour palette with less options. We have a large range of both nylon and wool carpets in our Penrith Store. 

For more information come in-store to view our large range of high quality carpet brands in all styles & colours. Visit our Penrith carpet store today or book an measure & quote!